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Tonight I'm Fucking You by Enrique Iglesias

AMVmusic is a brand new genre.

Music video's have come of age and, for the first time ever, a home has been created where sexy music and erotic video's can go hand in hand.

We showcase brand new music and the hottest video's with zero censorship. No more fuzzed out or blurred visuals, no more beeped out lyrics or lame lyric changes.

What you hear is what you see, the lyrics driving forward the story.

As an adult, no longer do you have to put up with the coy teenage tease of MTV style music videos. Now 21 years after the launch of MTV, music videos have finally come of age!

Here on you can listen to your favourite beats and watch erotic adult music videos. AMVmusic showcases pop tracks, rock, hip hop, soul - brand new music with hot adult video's.

AMVmusic is the official place to view, share, vote and comment on every new AMV release. Follow the latest releases and as part of the AMV community vote to create the weekly AMV Top 10.

AMVmusic is for over 18's only, if you are not over 18 OR ARE EASILY OFFENDED you are welcome to go back to MTV and YouTube

If you are over 18, there is only one question..

Are you MTV or AMV?....